My Machine

My Machine
My fourth and current "ride" is a 2002 BMW 1150GS. My first bike was a kawasaki kx80 that I got when I was 12 years old.I rode that around the neighborhood until it died than bought a honda xl350 when I was 16 and rode that until "finished" than went onto the Kawasaki KLR 650 which I had for 10 years and thru my first trip to Asia.

Equipment Lists

  • Garmin Zumo 550 GPS
  • Jessie,Rear Compartment Box
  • Jessie,Odyssey Pannier System
  • Throttle Meister Cruise Control
  • BMW Tank Bag
  • Skid Plates
  • Hand Guards
  • BMW Crash Bars
  • BMW Adventure Fog Lights

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009.  I was planning to return to South America to continue where I left off but decided to go back to South East Asia and explore more of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.  Cambodia especially fascinates me.  From what I've read, it seems so third worldish, dirt roads, washed out bridges, river crossings, and dirt tracks through the jungle leading to forgotten temples.  Not to mention landmines, malaria infested mosquitos and the Kmer Rouge.  Sounds like an adventure to me.  I've been planning for over 3 months, which is the most I've ever planned for a trip.  So much to do. 

  • Secure Plane Tickets, got business class using miles this time. hehehe
  • Researching bike transport.  Sea or Air?
  • Research Thai Customs procedure.  
  • Bike prep including major service, new tires plus spare tires, upgrade stock bmw tool kit.
  • This time I installed a Garmin Zumo GPS.  
  • Secured many maps both electronic and paper.  
  • Research routes, POI's, places to go etc.  A great source is and, both motorcycle touring sites.  
  • Moto insurance.  
  • Also a first is EVAC insurance thru Medjetassist.  If I get in a bad wreck, they will basically fly me home in their medically staffed jet.  


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, your blog looks great! Keep up the updates!!!

rocky said...

Cool blog! I look forward to seeing more pics of Cambodia, etc.